The Susan M. Greene Shakedown Survival Guide

It would seem that my last post on Susan Green’s shakedown business, “Susan M. Greene’s Notary Business is Here to Shake You Down” is by far my most popular blog ever. I guess there’s nothing that motivates a google search like someone threatening to file suit for the egregious crime of dialing a telephone number.

One respondent to my last Susan Green blog was Becca Wahlquest, an actually an attorney here in Southern California whose client had received a shakedown letter. She contacted me, and we exchanged information. She shared with me (and gave me permission to pass it on to you) that Susan Greene will go away and not bother you again once you stand up to her. This has also been my experience.

A few people have asked for the exact response letter which Ms. Wahlquist sent to Ms. Greene. I asked Ms. Wahlquest if her client would be willing to provide the actual response letter she sent, and, unfortunately, the client declined. However, Ms. Wahlquist has seen her way clear to provide to general gist of what her response letter contained. Furthermore, given that the San Diego Small Claims Docket shows that Ms. Greene has only filed four claims in the past year, your chances of actually being sued by her are quite small. Indeed, Ms. Greene indicated that she was going to sue both myself and my mother and nothing has been forthcoming. So know in dealing with her that you are dealing with a toothless lion: her roar may be ferocious, but she really lacks any bite whatsoever.

Personally, my advice is to ignore her. However, if you find yourself in such a position whereby you absolutely MUST interact with her (say you’ve been hired to represent someone who’s receiving her threats) you need to keep in mind the relevant facts and time line. I’ve prepared a nice summary for you below: Continue reading The Susan M. Greene Shakedown Survival Guide