Coming Out of the Dark

It would seem that my wife Auby has a number of friends who are really unstable. Who’d have thought it possible that the woman who loved Jesse the loser/stalker/pizza delivery boy would ever show such lack of good character judgement in general?

Well, long story short, the old was hosted on her bipolar friends site, and he was an amazing jerk to deal with. He was always abrasive when he was asked to do his job. Here’s an example,

Me: Pardon me, but the site’s been down for a few days.

Him: Can’t you see how busy I am. How dare you interrupt me!
I’m going to come and bother you when you play poker.

Yea, I’m not sure why, but but poker made it into every conversation I ever had with the guy. I suppose he had some special resentment in his heart reserved for poker players. Anyway, I get tired of this kind of treatment, so I told him where to stick it. In retaliation, he’s holding all of the data from the old site hostage.

He can suit himself. I’ll be filing suit. I do so love my opportunities for litigation. I get to steeple my fingers nefariously, and laugh maniacally.

Meanwhile, the site has a new look. The old site was dedicated to the whole “Preston and author of doomsday book” aspect. Well I’m way too busy playing cards and doing other stuff to worry about promoting a book, so the blog really became a collection of the thoughts I would rattle off when I had the time- which always tended to revolve around the same topics: Poker, Gaming, Judo, gold, and government.

Since that’s what I seem to talk about, I figure that’s what I’d dedicate the new site to. The header for my site is comprised of images that reflection those interests. Going from left to right, we have:

  • Pocket Aces- a hand close to every poker players heart.
  • Gwendolyn- my favorite of the Inner Circle members from the now out-of-print Vampire: the Eternal Struggle collectible card game.
  • Cassia Riley, a Penthouse Pet. Women in general and porn stars in particular have always been a special interest to me.
  • The Hand of Faith golden nugget. The largest golden nugget ever discovered until just recently, it’s housed at the Golden Nugget Casino- another gambling tie in.
  • Judo- a sport I do with my daughter and enjoy.

So there ya have it. I wish to welcome everyone to my new home. I’ll be putting stuff out more frequently as I move to get my old data back.