Barbed Wire Project Decklists

Here is the deck list for my set of seven barbed wire decks.

BWP: Brujah

Don Cruez the Idealist Yuri the Talon

3x(Helena Casimir/Tura Vaughn)  2xAnvil

Bianca Hector Sosa

Uma Hatch Dre – Leader of the Cold Dawn




2x(Bum’s Rush/Harass/Ambush)

4x(Legal Manipulations/Enchant Kindred/Social Charm)


5xThrown Gate

4xThrown Sewer Lids



1xFast Hands

1xTaste of Vitae

6x(Nimble Feet/Acrobatics/Blur)

3xLoyal Street Gang


3xMinion Tap

2xHaven Uncovered

2xProtracted Investment

1xWar Zone Hunting Ground

1xMajor Boon

3xWake with Evening’s Freshness

3x Deflection  2x (Pack Tactics/Elder Intervention)

Poison Pill


Errata Note:

Protracted Investment: Cost is 2 pool. Place 5 counters on it.

Wake with Evening’s Freshness is replaced during your next untap phase.


Strategy Note:

The Loyal Street Gangs may take actions and play reaction cards that have no requirements or costs such as Arson, Bum’s Rush, Haven Uncovered and Poison Pill.


Deflection: Note that you will want to play these to maximum effect. Try to attempt to block with a minion first, wait to see if your opponents stealths it, then declare you have no block and see if your opponent increases the bleed. You can then play Wake With Evening’s Freshness and Deflection.


Play Notes: The Loyal Street Gangs are there to block actions directed at you. This frees up your minions to bleed forward and engaged your opponent’s minions in combat as aggressively as possible.


BWP: Gangrel

2x Angus the Unruled      2x Quinton McDonnell

2x Gitane St. Claire    1x Zack North

1x Bear Paw              1x Camille Devereux,

1x Anastasia Grey        1x Ricki Van Demsi

1x Katarina / Ingrid Rossler



3x Restoration

4x Claws of the Dead 3x Drawing Out the Beast

1x Form of the Ghost  1x Gleam of Red Eyes

3x Indomitability   2x Skin of Rock

3x Unflinching Persistence         2x Amaranth

3x Wolf Claws                             Ritual of the Bitter Rose

Sport Bike                                     2x Raven Spy


2x Blood Doll     Fame

2x Fortitude   2x Haven Uncovered

Zoo Hunting Ground                  2x Archon

4x Cats’ Guidance/Instinctive Reaction

4x Rat’s Warning                            2x Wolf Companion

4x KRC/ Conservative Agitation  Will of the Council

2 x Second Tradition                      Minion Tap

Agate Talisman                               Urban Jungle

Guardian Angel


Errata Notes: Fame currently reads as “Unique.Put this card on a ready vampire. If this vampire goes into torpor, his or her controller burns 3 pool. Each Methuselah burns 1 pool during his or her untap phase if this vampire is in torpor.” The damage from Drawing Out the Beast has been errated to deal its damage during the Press step.


Strategy Notes: The optimal time to make your hand damage aggravated is after it has been inflicted but before they have had the chance to prevent it.  Play Fame on a vulnerable vampire controlled by your prey so that you can get an oust by repeatedly rushing the vamp. Do not burn the Fame minion.


The deck has 4 powerful cards which require a Prince or Justicar title. Unfortunately, you only have 3 such minions in your crypt. That means 1 time in 4 you won’t have the appropriate minion in your crypt. When that happens, just pitch the Archon votes in referendums (like Blood Hunts) and discard the second traditions. Of course, you can also make your own Prince using Will of the Council.


This deck will tend to fail or succeed spectacularly.




BWP: Malkavian

Lucian Roland Bishop

Didi Meyers Didi Meyers

Gilbert Duane Normal

Murial Lady Thunder       Zebulon


Dollface Aleph




2x(Malkavian Prank/Game of Malkav/Elysium: the Arboretum)

Police Department

The Barrens



Pulse of the Canaillae

4xGovern the Unaligned



5xComputer Hacking

5x(A mix of threats and conditioning)


8x(A mix of Faceless Night. Lost in the Crowds, Cloak the Gathering)



4x(Spying Mission/Change of Target)


4xDisguised Weapon


2xBlow Torch

2x.44 Magnum

2xRead Intentions

2xTelepathic Counter



Errata Notes: None

Strategy Notes: Change of Target and Spying Mission become useful if your bleed has been redirected to another player. This deck is the most straightforward to play. Just bleed at stealth and repeat until your prey is dead. Then start over.








BWP: Nosferatu

3x Sheldon – Lord of the Clog Chester DuBois

2x Selma the Repugnant Agrippina

Duck Dimplex2

Sammy Grendel the Wormeaten


Disputed Territory

2x(Ancilla Empowerment/Domain Challenge/Anarchist Uprising)

8x(Kine Resources Contested and Conservative Agitation)

4x Con Boon

4x Praxis Seisure

Political Flux


Rumours of Gehenna

3xFourth Tradition: The Accounting



2xCryptic Rider

2xShattering Blow

12x(Lost in Crowds/Cloak the Gathering)


Elder Library

Minion Tap

3xProtracted Investment

The Labyrinth

2x Blood Doll

2x Guard Dogs / Rat’s Warning

Undead Strengthx2


Errata Notes: Protracted Investment now costs 2 and gets 5 counters.

Strategy Notes: None


Play Notes: This deck is fairly straight forward. The trick is getting your votes pased. It is more than likely you will have to try to work with one other player to gain enough votes to win referendums, so try to allocate your damaging votes to get their buy-in. Note that oftentimes having the edge will make the difference between passing a vote and failing one so bleed for the edge at stealth before you cast your first vote if possible.









BWP: Torreador

2xDorian Strack 3xMasika

2xDancing Dana

Demetrious  Slater Andreas, Bard of Crete

Elliott Sinclair – Virtuoso Thespian Colin Flynn

Felicia Mostrom


4x(Enchant Kindred/Social Charm/Legal Manipulations)

Disputed Territory         Phased Motion Detector

Fast Hands         5xSideslip

4xConcealed Weapon 8xBlur/Acrobatics/Nimble Feet

4x(Bang Nakh – Tiger’s Claws/Bastard Sword)

Sport’s Bike 4xCelerity

2xMinion Tap 2xBlood Doll

Society Hunting Ground Powerbase: Washington DC

Powerbase: Chicago The Rack

4xTelepathic Counter 4xTelepathic Misdirection

3xWake with Evenings Freshness 8xEnhanced Senses/Spirit’s Touch


Errata Notes:

Replace Wake with Evening’s Freshness upon your next untap phase. Concealed Weapon does not require obfuscate

Powerbase Washington DC: You may remove 2 pool a turn instead of 1.

Masika may untap during any player’s untap phase.

Dancing Dana/Elliott Sinclair: Now read as +1 Strength, not 2-Hand Damage.


Strategy Note: You will want to play Telepathic Misdirection to maximum effect. Try to attempt to block with a minion first, wait to see if your opponents stealths it, then declare you have no block and see if your opponent increases the bleed. You can then play Wake With Evening’s Freshness and misdirect.


This deck is a wall deck. It is happiest when it stays put and collects its pool from it’s powerbases. If you haven’t played a wall deck before then you might have trouble the first few times you play it because you want to attack your prey at lot. This deck tends to leave its prey alone in the early game and waits for the right times to strike.  Don’t forget that +1 strength stacks with weapon damage. If you are’t going to do anything with Masika during your turn at least have him hunt since will untap as soon as your prey starts his turn.





BWP: Tremere


2x Cassandra- Magus Prime 2x Ulugh Beg

2x Lydia Van Cuelen Merill Molitor

Ignatius 2x Aleph

Roreca Quaid                   Dr. John Casey


3x Thaumaturgy 2x Protracted Investment

2x Haven Uncovered  Chantry

Mob Connections Metro Underground


(Blood Rage/Blood Fury)x5           4x Wake with Evening’s Freshness

4x Trap             5x Theft of Vitae


Walk of Flame x3           3x Telepathic Counter

Flak Jacket/IR Goggles x4 Hawg

Phased Motion Detector Pier 13, Port of Baltimore

Rutor’s Hand 4x Sprit’s Touch

4x Enhanced Senses 2x Govern the Unaligned


6x Telepathic Misdirection 2x Redirect/Mumur of the False Will


Errata Notes: Blood Rage is a Thaumaturgy strike, not a Fortitude strike. Both Blood Rage and Blood Fury are now hand strikes that do additional damage if the minion has additional strength.


Strategy Notes:  The Tremere discipline spread makes for a challenging clan. They have dominate, for large bleeds, but no stealth. They have Thaumaturgy for combat, but no other supporting combat discipline. I feel the Tremere need to have a strong combat package because it discourages others from blocking your actions, while allowing you to maximize your damage when you block their actions. A fair amount of equipment is typically required to support a thaumaturgy combat package, which is what you see in this deck. The Pier 13, is a equipment/location that, once equipped, allows you to automatically equip equipment cards from your hand.


This deck wants to burn lots of of opposing minions. Burning a vampire requires you to deliver 2 points of aggravated damage (via Walk of Flames) to a vampire who does not have any blood at all. Typically the best way to do this is via Trap, which will force combat to continue round after round and then to use Theft of Vitae to remove all the blood from the opposing vampire, and then next round use Walk of Flames to burn the opposing minion. The Hawg and Mob Connections are powerful in this deck because of how 2nd round focused the combat tends to be.


I’ve loaded this deck with a LOT of intercept. It should be able to catch any bleeders that dare come at you and, even better, occasionally redirect them towards your prey.


BWP: Ventrue Deck


Democritus Nasha Volfchek

Sir Walter Nashx2 Emerson Bridges

Timothy Crowley Melissa Barton

Courtland Leighton Violett Prentiss

Gideon Fontaine Roland Loursarrian

Rufina Solidad


Uptown Hunting Ground  3x Minion Tap

2xBlood Doll 2xMisdirection

3xShort Term Investment Ventrue Headquarters

Disputed Territory

Ancilla Empowerment Domain Challenge

3xBewitching Oration 4xKine Resources Contested

4xConservative Agitation 2x Consanguineous Boon

2xVoter Captivation 3xSeduction

3xBonding 3xConcealed Weapons

5xMajesty 2xSkin of Steel

2xSkin of Rock 3x .44 Magnum/Sawed-Off Shotgun

3xWake 4xDeflection

2xEnchant Kindred


Errata Note:

Wake with Evening’s Freshness is replaced during your next untap phase.

Concealed Weapons: This card does not requires obfuscate.

Misdirection: You can only spend 1 pool to tap 1 minion.

Majesty: This card now costs one, but the untap effect at superior is free.

Enchant Kindred: At superior is +1 stealth


Strategy Note:

Deflection: Note that you will want to play these to maximum effect. Try to attempt to block with a minion first, wait to see if your opponents stealths it, then declare you have no block and see if your opponent increases the bleed. You can then play Wake With Evening’s Freshness and Deflection.


Play Note: This deck can be the most straightforward to play or the most challenging, depending on your circumstances. Your biggest challenge will be getting your votes successfully cast because other minions will attempt to block- despite the +1 slealth action. If you find yourself unable to cast any votes, just sit back and wait for an opening. Many times this deck is a sleeper deck that lies low and then explodes.


Copyright 2005 by Preston Poulter. The Barbed Wire Project and decklists are protected intellectual property. All rights reserved.

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  1. Brilliant idea for a project!

    Have these been updated in the light of 5e?

    I wondered if it might be possible to create BW decks themed around some minor clans?

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