The Ring Wars Podcast Episode #3: Defining the Project

Marcus Valentine and I sat down and discussed his vision of the first season of Ring Wars: the Rumble in LA. Poker players are to be the focus of season 1, with poker players taking part in the two poker centers of Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In addition to discussing the plan of season 1, Marcus and I discuss boxing versus MMA, Mayweather v. Canelo, and the problems in determining the winner in a boxing match.

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Ronda Rousey Uses Judo to Become Strikeforce MMA Champion

Ronda Rousey, who trained a Venice Judo back in her earlier years, used her Judo skills to become the Bantam Weight Women’s Champion over the weekend. You can see the entire fight here. I’ve also made a playlist of all her Strikeforce fights. Each is an incredible testament to real life Judo application to win a fight.