New Version of Barbed-Wire Gangrel Deck

Crypt: (12)
2x Angus the Unruled(G1)
1x Bear Paw(G1)
2x Gitane St. Claire(G1)
1x Katarina (G2)
2x Quinton McDonnell(G1)
1x Anastasia Grey(G1)
1x Camille Devereux, The Raven(G1)
1x Ricki Van Demsi(G1)
1x Zack North(G1)


Library: (60)
Master: (10)
2x Blood Doll
Minion Tap
2x Fortitude
2x Haven Uncovered
1x Fame
1x Zoo Hunting Ground
Guardian Angel

Action: (4)
3x Restoration
1x Will of the Council

Retainers: (4)
2x Wolf Companion
2x Raven Spy

Action Modifier/Combat: (1)
1x Ritual of the Bitter Rose

Combat: (22)
4x Claws of the Dead
3x Drawing Out the Beast
3x Unflinching Persistence
3x Wolf Claws
2x Amaranth
3x Indomitability
1x Form of the Ghost
1x Gleam of Red Eyes
2x Skin of Rock

Equipment: (2)
1x Agate Talisman
1x Sport Bike

Event: (1)
1x Urban Jungle

Political Action: (6)
2x Conservative Agitation
2x Kine Resources Contested
2x Archon

Reaction (10):
2x Second Tradition
4x Rat’s Warning / Guard Dogs
4x Cat’s Guidance