The Decklist and Strategy Guide for My Barbed Wire: Brujah Deck

Don Cruez the Idealist
3x(Helena Casimir/Tura Vaughn)
Uma Hatch
Yuri the Talon
Hector Sosa
Dre Leader of the Cold Dawn

4x(Legal Manipulations/Enchant Kindred/Social Charm)
4xThrown Sewer Lids
1xTaste of Vitae
3xLoyal Street Gang
3xMinion Tap
2xProtracted Investment
1xMajor Boon
5xThrown Gate
1xFast Hands
6x(Nimble Feet/Acrobatics/Blur)
2x (Pack Tactics / Elder Intervention)
2xHaven Uncovered
War Zone Hunting Ground
3xWake with Evening s Freshness
Poison Pill
2x(Bum s Rush/Harass/Ambush)
Errata Note:
Protracted Investment: Cost is 2 pool. Place 5 counters on it.
Wake with Evening s Freshness is replaced during your next untap phase.
Strategy Note:
The Loyal Street Gangs may take actions and play reaction cards that have no requirements or costs such as Arson, Bum s Rush, Haven Uncovered and Poison Pill.
Deflection: Note that you will want to play these to maximum effect. Try to attempt to block with a minion first, wait to see if your opponents stealths it, then declare you have no block and see if your opponent increases the bleed. You can then play Wake With Evening s Freshness and Deflection. Play Notes: The Loyal Street Gangs are there to block actions directed at you. This frees up your minions to bleed forward and engaged your opponent s minions in combat as aggressively as possible.

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