Whale Wars Part II

Handcrafted Model Ships is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to carry a line of 14″ model ships based on its current fleet: the Steve Irwin, the Brigitte Bardot, and the Bob Barker. This is to coincide with the April 27th season premiere of Whale Wars: Viking Shores on Animal Planet. This is the fifth season of the Whale Wars series and will follow the efforts of the Sea Shepherd fleet as they attempt to thwart whaling efforts in the Faroe Islands area off the shores of Norway.

Models of Sea Shepherd Ships Brigitte Bardot and Steve Irwin

Avid environmentalists and show supporters are invited to purchase a 14″ model of their choice to raise awareness regarding global whaling. Each model is authorized and endorsed by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. In addition, the Sea Shepherd Conservatory has worked closely with Handcrafted Model Ships to ensure that each model is designed from the actual plans from the ships themselves. These models are as close as you can get to the actual boats without putting on a rain coat. As an added bonus, they include actual parts from the ships themselves. That’s right, Bob Barker the model has an actual piece in it off of Bob Barker the boat, but hopefully not from Bob Barker the man. And speaking of the Bob Barker, come on down!

Model of the Bob Barker of Sea Shepherd

Oh, what a handsome ship he makes. Drew Carey had better look or Bob Barker might take over his spot as The Price is Right host, and by that I mean the boat! If you’re still holding out on buying these beauties, know that half of the profits from each sale goes directly to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. So, the money goes to a good cause. As you might imagine, each ship is made from soft woods and other eco-friendly materials, so you can be assured that they are as Earth-friendly as possible. Lastly, there is a limited run of these ships to enhance their collectability. The run for each model is limited to 1000. After that, they’re all gone.

Take a look at the ship that started it all, the Steve Irwin. Named for world renowned conservationist and “Crocodile Hunter”, the Steve Irwin was the ship upon which the show was founded. As the only one featured in the first two seasons of Whale Wars, it has seen more than its fair share of the action. In the second season, actress Daryl Hannah even served aboard it with distinction. The Steve Irwin continues to be the flagship of the Sea Shepherd fleet, and the lynchpin of anti-whaling activities.
Model of the Steve Irwin of Sea Shepherd

And last, but not least, the most beautiful ship in the fleet, the Brigitte Bardot. Fans of the show are aware that the Sea Shepherd Conservatory lost the Ady Gil when it collided with the Japanese Whaling vessel Shonan Maru 2 (as shown on the Whale Wars show itself).
Model of the Brigitte Bardot of Sea Shepherd
The Ady Gil was so badly damaged that the ship had to be abandoned and sunk shortly thereafter. The Brigitte Bardot is a similarly designed trimaran to the Ady Gil, but is twice as large. Hopefully its size will allow it to avoid a similar fate as its predecessor. In 2011, the ship was damaged by a rogue wave (36 ft) while conducting anti-whaling operations. The ship had nearly lost one of its pontoons and the hull was cracked. It has to be escorted by to port by the Steve Irwin. Fortunately, the ship has undergone repairs and is now sailing the high seas once more. If you act now, you can have this beautiful model accentuating your home soon.

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