An Indispensable Book on Poker

My friend (and blog reader) Taylor called me yesterday to ask me questions about what constituted an out and when he would know that he was getting odds to draw. I started to explain the “rule of two” (where you treat each out as 2%) and how to convert 1 in 3 to 2 to 1.

Then I realized that what he really needed to read was the Theory of Poker by David Sklansky. It’s a book that contains concepts that a professional player keeps coming back to over and over again, without realizing that they are coming out of this book. Taylor said he wanted to buy a copy, so I decided to write this little blog post and provide a link for him.

3 thoughts on “An Indispensable Book on Poker”

  1. Went by Barnes and Nobles this weekend. That book is $30, going to hold off till this coming weekend and hit up Half-price.

    Was up another $350 last night. Hope my run continues.

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