Conspiracy Theories That Surround The Federal Reserve: Part III

In the first two parts of this series on the conspiracy theories that surround the Federal Reserve, we looked at the popular G Edward Griffin conspiracy which traced the formation of the Federal Reserve from the Jekyll Island meeting forward to present. As I laid out in both parts I and II, the Jekyll Island meeting was the culmination of the national banking power over US politics. It was literally a meeting of the nations power brokers (the “money trust”) in a smoke filled room where the future of the nation was discussed.

The Jekyll Island meeting is an easy target for conspiracy theorists. The problem lay in that they then make this rather credible event the lynch pin of a broader, all encompassing conspiracy. In Griffin’s case, the Jekyll Island meeting plays the frontman for a conspiracy of “Fabian Socialists” who were behind not only Woodrow Wilson, but everything else from the Soviet Union to the US Environmentalist movement. Griffin’s conspirators wait behind the power of the United Nations to strip away our power when we are weakest in the name of Socialism.

Griffin commits three logical fallacies: Continue reading Conspiracy Theories That Surround The Federal Reserve: Part III