Mr. Poulter Presently Indisposed

Ah, the holidays.

‘Man down! Man down!’ It isn’t the most popular battle-cry amidst Christmas cheer. In entertaining younglings, however, Preston has been reminded of how truly fierce the little ones can be. Journalists may not be into hurling their footwear at our soon-departing President, but nieces and nephews rather delight in the practise. Not quite down for the count, some ice, and a rather charming photo complete the picture.

A true Libertarian; takes a lickin, keeps on tickin.
A true Libertarian; takes a lickin', keeps on tickin'.

So, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, and all that rot, to you, yours, theirs, the guy down the street, the kittens in the box, the woman up the block, and, well, did I already mention you? There’ll be much more to come from everyone’s favourite doomsaying economic pundit — or at least, your favourite. And that’s all that matters, right?

He’ll be back in action soon. The economy, however, erm … yeah.

Be warm, be safe! And hell, be merry!