Documentary Plan

I’d like to make a documentary that reviews the following topics:

  1. The history of law enforcement
  2. Evolution of the tools of modern law enforcement
  3. Comparison of law enforcement statistics between countries
  4. The militarization of the police
  5. How the American legal process handles police brutality
  6. What options exist to the US Citizenry who find themselves victims of police brutality
  7. How could the US legal system be changed to better protect its citizenry

Interview Questions:

  1. What is your area of expertise in terms of law enforcement?
  2. What are biggest challenges facing American law enforcement today?
  3. Is the American government attempting to keep data related to civilian deaths to law enforcement secret?
  4. Citizen’s groups estimated the number of American deaths to law enforcement at roughly three a day for the year of 2014, What are your thoughts on that?
  5. If a citizen
  6. Violence targeting law enforcement rose 24% last year according to government statistics, what are you thoughts on that?
  7. What are your thoughts on classifying attacks on law enforcement as a hate crime?
  8. Calico City Police Chief Mike Bosic investigated his own department for corruption and made the statement that, “Exactly like the Mafioso in New York. That’s exactly how they are operating.” Is it fair to compare a corrupt police department to the mafia?
  9. In your estimation, how much of a problem is corruption in the United States?
  10. For the most part, should American citizens trust the police?
  11. In 2014, the work product numbers for the NYPD was, across the board, 10% of what it was for 2013, what are your thoughts on that?
  12. Rolling Stone magazine pointed to the difference in numbers and said that 2014 arrests were made by the NYPD only when absolutely necessary, does that mean that 90% of the arrests in 2013 were unnecessary?
  13. If we take New York as a example, does that mean that 90% of police activity is revenue generation?
  14. In the New Testament, Jesus befriends a Roman tax collector, who were unpopular with the citizens of Judea. Are police akin to modern day versions of the Biblical tax collectors?
  15. Does it make sense to combine the roles of tax collector with protector of the innocent?
  16. In 2014, Bill Maher discussed the militarization of the police and said that, “If you outfit a police force like an occupying army, it’s not long before they start acting like one.” Is that true?
  17. What are your thoughts on the shooting of Michael Brown?
  18. Did the District Attorney act appropriately in the Michael Brown shooting?
  19. What are your thoughts in the death of Eric Garner?
  20. Did the District Attorney act appropriately in the case of Eric Garner?
  21. The AFL-CIO expressed disappointment in both grand jury decisions and called for broad police reform, which promoted the International Union of Police Associations to contact the AFL-CIO, presumably to ask them to change direction. Does the IUPA present a barrier to any form of police reform?
  22. Should police departments be unionized?
  23. When we have a case of possible police brutality, who is the citizen’s advocate?
  24. Should committing a crime while on duty as a police officer aggravate the sentence for the crime?
  25. What should concerned citizens do regarding police brutality?
  26. How will requiring policeman to have body cameras change things?
  27. Recently Democratic lawmakers have introduced a bill to criminalize the possession of body armor. Combined with gun control laws, it seems that some lawmakers have a strong preference to have guns and body armor only in the hands of the police, what are your thoughts on this policy?
  28. Should we seek to err on the side of officer safety or citizen safety?
  29. Compare the legal rights of an enemy combatant captured in wartime or an American citizen in the hands of the police.

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