Proxies I Tend to Use in JOL

Because the powers that be (read: KevinM) have not updated the JOL database, and because I like the cards from the new sets released by the Vampire: Elder Kindred Network, namely The Unaligned and Danse Macbre. And so, because I use these cards, I have to proxy them.


So here are the cards I tend to proxy in JOL.

Under Siege Cost: 1 Pool

+1 stealth action. Unique. Requires a titled Sabbat vampire.
Put this card in play with 3 counters. Once each action, a Sabbat vampire you control can burn 1 counter from this card to untap and attempt to block with +1 intercept, even if intercept is not yet needed. Burn this card when it has no counters.

I use the card Bloodbath to proxy this.


Spoils of War Requires: !Brujah

Only usable after a successful (D) action.
This vampire gains 1 blood and you gain 1 pool.

I proxy this card with Boxed-In

Show of Force

[pot] [pre] (D) Bleed at +1 bleed. If this action is blocked, before range is determined during the first round of the resulting combat, this vampire can gain +1 strength this combat.
[POT] [PRE] (D) As above, but at +2 bleed.

I proxy this card with Legal Manipulations

Public Vilification Requires a Titled Sabbat Vampire

Choose a younger ready vampire controlled by another Methuselah. Successful referendum means this vampire steals 3 blood from the chosen vampire.

I proxy this card with Parity Shift

Dark Steel 

Only usable before range is determined. A minion can play only one Dark Steel each combat.
[obt] [pot] The opposing minion takes 1 damage each round of combat during normal strike resolution (at close range). This vampire gets an optional maneuver this round, only usable to go to close range.
[OBT] [POT] As above, but for 2 damage.

I proxy this card with Carrion Crows

De Sade !Ventrue 9 Cap AUS FOR DOM PRE

Group: 5

Sabbat Archbishop of Paris: Vampires controlled by other Methuselahs must burn 1 blood to cast votes and ballots against referendums called by De Sade.

I proxy him with Mary Anne Blair

Carolina Valez Lasombra 9 Cap aus DOM OBT POT PRE

Group: 5

Sabbat Archbishop of Montreal: Carolina is immune to damage from allies and retainers.

I proxy him also with Neighbor John, in different decks

Dark Selina !Brujah 9-Cap dom for CEL PRE POT

Group: 5

Sabbat cardinal: Selina gets +1 stealth on political actions.

I proxy her with Jacques Molay.

Shadow Boxing

Action Mod / Combat
pot/obf : Maneuver, only usable to go to close range, or press, only usable to continue combat.

POT/OBF: Only usable after a combat resulting from a block. Not usable if the blocking minion is ready. This vampire burns 1 blood to continue the action as if unblocked.





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  1. What do you think a good proxy for Zephyr would be? It untaps after an unsuccessful action, I am using Freak Drive, but I’m not sure if there is something better

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